Da visitare

To visit

A family, the passion for wine, a stubborn commitment to cultivate it in an area like the Piacenza Hills, with such great potential not yet fully valorized and acknowledged, founded on a strong desire and instinct to explore every last corner of vineyards and territory, and to present these to the public through the wines, hospitality and the museum.

This is how we started, and this is the spirit with which we are continuing, ever more enthusiastic about our work, happy with our obtained results, but never satisfied, with the constant desire for continuous improvement.

Eighteen hectares of vineyards surrounding the farm to produce eight wine varieties, with the gentle, serene hills embracing us and accompanying our work among the rows of grapes, watching over us with a friendly expression their own message, which is what we transfer into the wines we produce with pure joy and rigorous dedication. 

Simplicity and depth are our guidelines for creating wine that needs no explanation to be appreciated, because it is a pure and immediate reflection, rich with varied hues and perspectives, of the special qualities of our landscape and all that lives in the ripe grapes. 

Azienda Agricola "La Tosa"

di Stefano e Ferruccio Pizzamiglio

Località La Tosa - 29020 Vigolzone (PC)
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GPS Directions: 'Vigolzone, via Chiesuola' (then follow directions for La Tosa).

Tel. 0523 870727 | Fax 0523 870358 | info@latosa.it

Visiting hours
From MONDAY to FRIDAY 8am - 12pm / 2pm - 6pm
SATURDAY and SUNDAY 9:30am - 12pm / 3pm - 6pm

Tours and tastings by appointment.
Spoken languages: English, French.
Ample parking. Credit cards accepted.

   La Tosa
Da sorseggiare

To be sipped

...The grapes speak. This is what we have in mind when we think about our wines, our children, as well as those of Mother Nature.

Our established objective is to transform into a pleasant, very personal liquid that She, with our help, has infused into the grapes, without any doubts or variegations. Ensuring that the wines reflect a balance of man and nature, expressing the solar serenity and quiet composure that are the visible essence of our landscape and the intimate heart of our land and climate. 

Da gustare

To be tasted

The pleasure of creating and offering wine is similar to that of hosting guests and offering them a taste of the other pleasures of our territory: our gastronomic traditions.

We began our agritourism activities with this spirit and passion in 1988, and today we are the longest running agritourism business in the Piacenza area, and one of the oldest in all of Emilia-Romagna. And we are continuing with the joy of ensuring that those who visit pass relaxing time while exploring the aromas, flavors and specialties of our local traditions.

Da ricordare

To remember

Remembering is not a passive activity: it helps us to understand the subtleties and the essence of the past, therefore helping us to face the present even better, giving lifeblood and energy to our efforts to improve.

Moreover, for all of us here at La Tosa, remembering a wine’s history means we are conserving the wealth of experience and culture of knowledge of those who work the earth with passion.

Because our work consists not only in producing and selling, but also in offering culture to those who come into contact with our farming business in the third millennium.