The vineyards

The vineyards are the beating heart of La Tosa, and represent our soul and most profound identity. Nineteen hectares of vineyards surrounding the company, thirteen properties and six leased adjacent parcels; all belonging to the same terrior, but with some differences from one vineyard to the next and within each single plot.
Our philosophy in the vineyard can be summarized as: working to obtain the maximum concentration, complexity, personality and aromatic richness in the grapes, in order to then transfer these qualities to the wine, with maximum respect of the balance and health state of nature, for a kind of grape cultivation that we like to define as “balanced”. We try to reach the first objective by containing grape production for each vine through diverse operations, including thinning of the grapes; we were the first in the Piacenza province to use this technique in 1988, favoring the expression of that particular vineyard through leaf thinning, green pruning and other methods. We aim to reach the second objective by applying controlled stress to the vines, corresponding to the stress in the lives of people caused by commitments, so that the substances the vines then produce are concentrated in the bunches of grapes as opposed to in the vine itself, at the same time working so that the vine does not suffer during difficult periods, such as, for example, during drought.
This is why our vineyards have been grassy since 1991, so that the grass takes a bit of the water from the vines, tempering and regulating their growth and making sure that the grapes are smaller and more concentrated. At the same time we enrich the soil annually with animal origin organic substances and spray the leaves during the summer with algae extract to restore the vines.

Therefore, the nutrition we give to the vines is totally based on natural products, and our fungicidal treatments are also low impact: principally copper, sulfur and phenol extracts.

The six La Tosa vineyards: Morello, Sorriso, Ronco and Bel Sorriso (our property), Cà di Terra and Bellaura (leased).

The vine varieties that we cultivate are eight in all, four white and four red: Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Sauvignon, Ortrugo, Trebbiano Romagnolo, Barbera, Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

The wine cellar

If the vineyards are the beating heart of La Tosa, the wine cellar is the brain. While the soul of every wine is born on the vine, the work and care that go into producing a wine are what allow this soul to express itself fully.
In order to do this, a quality that we want to make our way of doing business, in addition to passion and rigor it also takes a combination of human skills and intuition on the one hand and rationality and extreme precision on the other. Therefore, all of our wines are analyzed in the laboratory many times, but each choice made in wine making is exclusively based on what our noses and taste buds tell us to do.
We therefore establish the precise moment for the harvest based on tasting more than on analysis of grape samples from the vineyard. We then harvest the grapes by hand into crates, selecting the best bunches of grapes. We press the white grapes in a delicate pneumatic root-grape dividing press, while we use a delicate wine press for the red grapes.
The fermentation process that follows is the most important step in the creation of wine: we carefully follow this process with attention for the proper condition of the yeasts that ferment the wine. In fact, it is important that during this phase no aromatic variegations and defects occur that could compromise their pleasantness and elegance, as well as the expression of the terrior.

In the subsequent wine making phases, we follow two guidelines: rapidity and attention during the various operations, in order to prevent even minimum oxidation in the wines, and a natural approach based on minimal intervention, low dosages of sulfites (even none at all for TerredellaTosa), and use of natural antioxidants. We were among the first in Italy to use these products in 2005, all in order to make the most of the gift given to us by nature in the form of grapes.

The wines

Eight wines are eight different interpretations of nature, eight children each with a distinct character. One of our objectives has always been for each of the La Tosa wines to have a specific, distinct personality, and for all the wines together to create a variegated and complete picture.
A clear, even panorama: four white wines, three reds, one sweet wine. Among these, three basic wines ( Terrafiaba, Riodeltordo and TerredellaTosa) and five more prestigious wines. Among the latter, a couple from native vine varieties, with a softer, more immediate impact (Sorriso di Cielo and Vignamorello) and another two from French grapes, with more masculine, complex impact (Sauvignon and Luna Selvatica). Finally, the icing on the cake is the earth and the sun, a sweet wine (Ora Felice), that with its aroma and refined fragrance transmits a light, deep touch of nature.

Eight wines, but many different vintages.


Piacenza Hills D.O.C. Valnure

Sparkling white wine, our freshest and most spontaneous wine, which in its intrinsic simplicity was born from a project based on the desire to produce basic wines with immediate and fresh character, but also variegated aroma and good structure.
The basic grape blend is the traditional Val Nure blend, with three different vine varieties, each complementing the other organoleptically. The interpretation is modern, with special care taken in the search for a refined aroma and balance of flavors.


Piacenza Hills D.O.C. Valnure

A still dry white wine, destined to be an everyday table wine, with a fresh, immediate character, easy to drink, good aromatic complexity, a rich structure and peaks of flavor and mineral notes that provide other possibilities for interpretation.
Originated from a selection of our finest grapes registered in the Valnure DOC registry, cultivated along the small river known as the Rio del Tordo, with a fluvial habitat that echoes saline aromas and personality in this wine.


Piacenza Hills D.O.C. Sauvignon

This wine simultaneously expresses some of the particular characteristics of the Sauvignon vine variety and the typical character of our territory: a Sauvignon with an aroma of elderberry, tomato leaves and peaches, with hints of citrus and a mineral undertone, less spiced and green and more composed and complex in respect to the typical Friuli-Altoatesine notes, with a rich structure and balanced taste, and significant persistent aftertaste. A Sauvignon that is complex, expressive and personal.

Sorriso di Cielo

Piacenza Hills D.O.C. Malvasia

Dry still white wine with light sugary residue, from the Malvasia di Candia Aromatica grapes cultivated for centuries in the Piacenza Hills, resulting in a light, still wine. Sorriso di Cielo was created for the first time in 1991 based on the desire to produce a still wine from this vine variety, not only aromatic and pleasant, but also structured, complex and long lasting, something no one had ever tried up to that point. The years following 1991 confirmed the potential of this grape, truly one of the best native white grapes in Italy and the Italian alternative to Gewurtztraminer.


Gutturnio D.O.C. Superior

A still red wine, our red table wine for every day. This wine is the result of a project inspired by the desire to produce basic wines with immediate and fresh character, but at the same time with good complexity and structure. We have been producing this wine since 1988 in the still version, in total respect of our territory’s full potential, expressing the most authentic aromas and character of our land. Since the 2012 harvest, this wine is produced without the use of any sulfites, giving it a more natural, healthy quality and clean crisp aroma.


Gutturnio D.O.C. Superior

A structured still red wine, born of our Gutturnio harvest, the Morello vineyard, located in a higher position with north-south exposure. Every year we thin out the grape bunches here and harvest the grapes in an advanced state of ripeness. These are the primary reasons behind the difference between TerredellaTosa and Vignamorello: a difference in structure, maturity, depth, life span. Moreover, Vigamorello is aged in wood for a few months. All of this results in a concentrated and important wine, but with an immediate approach and the serenity emanated from our green hills reflected in the grapes.

Luna Selvatica

Piacenza Hills D.O.C. Cabernet Sauvignon

A very structured still red wine, born of classic Bordolese grapes, developed in a unique personal way. This is a concentrated, powerful wine, elegant and smooth, with a composed character that reflects our land and our climate. The care of the vineyard, the wine making process and the ageing process are all under the same aegis: to obtain a Cabernet Sauvignon with a classic character but a profoundly Italian soul, from Piacenza, above all else.

L'ora felice

Emilia I.G.T. Malvasia Passito

A sweet white wine from Malvasia di Candia Aromatica appassita grapes, based on the desire to explore a version of Passito that is not so common in Italy: a wine based on freshness and elegance as well as on aromas with important Surmaturo notes and opulent taste; a wine that is not overbearing and that reflects our climate, with hints of autumn.
The harvest is especially careful, the withering phase quite brief, the fermentation and ageing process reasonably short; these are the tools we use every year to reach these objectives.

The projects

We have many ideas whirling in our heads. There is always something to explore and learn, and curiosity is certainly not something we are lacking in. Everything changes over time, ourselves included, even though we may not always notice. Trying to be ever more in step with nature, which is at the very heart of our work, is a race without a finish, and is fascinating for this very reason.
One project that we have been working on since 2006 is wine making without the addition of sulfites: after several tests, during the 2010 harvest we began making our TerredellaTosa Gutturnio Superior using this method, the wine that is produced in the highest number of bottles by our company. We adopt a specific, complex method: from the protection of the wine using inert gasses to three-four weeks resting time before bottling on the fine lees and fermentation conducted to stimulate the yeasts to produce natural antioxidants, all designed to obtain a healthier and more “digestible” wine; at the same time, without any defects, pleasant and long lived. Our current line of thought is to continue and possible apply this experience to other wines. In fact, we have constituted an association, “VisVini”, with some other wine producers, with Stefano Pizzamiglio as the president, for the purpose of exploring and promoting this wine making method and philosophy.

As far as the vineyard is concerned, the nutrition that we apply is also totally natural, while our defense strategies against pests are based on an integrated approach, even though we are currently experimenting with natural systems and are coming closer to an organic system. Without integralism and without any intention to flaunt it, but: we are committed to long term work, serious and silent.

Always in the vineyard, since 2012 we have been applying and adopting vineyard pruning techniques known as “Branched Pruning” conceived of and promoted by agronomists Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch, in order to better respect the integrity and balance of plants, prolonging their lifespan.

Finally, a project that is very close to our heart, Mosaico Piacentino, an association that we founded in 2006 together with another six friends, also Piacenza wine producers, to promote the wines and image of our territory.


Critics for us are sacred, a force to be respected and always taken into consideration, also when we do not fully share their opinions and judgment, and often together with those who purchase and drink our wines, they are a source of punctual, valuable suggestions and stimuli.

Here are some of awards of recognition we have received over the last several years:

[+] Gambero Rosso Guide to Italian Wines

  • 2009 / Three Glasses - Luna Selvatica 2006
  • 2007 / Three Glasses - Luna Selvatica 2004
  • 2000 / Three Glasses - Luna Selvatica 1997
  • in the last 11 editions / Two Glasses Reds Rossi - Vignamorello 2009, Vignamorello 2005, Vignamorello 2004, Vignamorello 2003, Vignamorello 2000, Luna Selvatica 2001, Luna Selvatica 2000, Sauvignon 2007, Sauvignon 2006, Sorriso di Cielo

[+] Bibenda Italian Association of Sommeliers Guide

  • 2013 / Five Bunches - Vignamorello 2011

[+] Duemilavini Italian Association of Sommeliers Guide

  • 2012 / Five Bunches - Vignamorello 2010
  • 2006 / Five Bunches - Luna Selvatica 2003
  • 2004 / Five Bunches - Luna Selvatica 2001
  • 2003 / Five Bunches - Luna selvatica 2000
  • 2002 / Five Bunches – Sorriso di Cielo 2000

[+] Annual Guide to the Best Italian Wines by Luca Maroni

  • 2013 / Second best Italian red wine - Vignamorello 2011 (96 points)
  • 2013 / Second best Italian red wine – Luna Selvatica 2010 (96 points)
  • 2013 / Third best Italian sweet wine - L'ora Felice 2011 (95 points)
  • 2012 / Second best Italian red wine - Vignamorello 2010 (96 points)
  • 2011 / Best Italian red wine - Vignamorello 2009 (97 points)
  • 2010 / Third best Italian red wine – Luna Selvatica 1997 (95 points)
  • 2009 / Best Italian red wine - Vignamorello 2007 (97 points)
  • 2008 / Second best Italian sweet wine - L'ora Felice 2006 (96 points)
  • 2007 / Second best Italian red wine - Vignamorello 2005 (96 points)
  • 2007 / Tenth Italian company for average wines scores (90.1 points)
  • 2006 / Third best Italian red wine - Vignamorello 2004 (95 points)
  • 2001 / Third best Italian white wine – Sorriso di Cielo 1999 (93 points)

[+] Slow Wine Guide

  • 2011 / Grande Vino – Luna Selvatica 2008

[+] Wine Guide by Espresso

  • 2013 / Sauvignon 2011 with 16.5 / 20 is one of the six best dry wines in the Piacenza Province

[+] Oro Veronelli Guide

  • 2013 / L’Ora Felice 2011 gets 90 points

[+] Good Italian Wines Touring Club Guide

  • 2010 / La Corona - Sorriso di Cielo 2008

[+] Slow Food Daily Wine Guide

  • 2008 / Best Quality / Price Relationship – Valnure sparkling wine 2006
  • 2004 / Best Quality / Price Relationship – Valnure sparkling wine 2002
  • 2002 / Best Quality / Price Relationship – Gutturnio 2000

[+] Gambero Rosso Drinking Well Almanac

  • 2010 / Quality / Price Oscar – Gutturnio 2008
  • 2009 / Quality / Price Oscar – Gutturnio 2007
  • 2008 / Quality / Price Oscar – Gutturnio 2006
  • 2007 / Quality / Price Oscar – Gutturnio 2005
  • 2006 / Quality / Price Oscar – Gutturnio 2004

[+] Emilia Romagna Drinking Guide

  • 2012 - 2013 / Excellence – Luna Selvatica 2009
  • 2011 - 2012 / Excellence – Luna Selvatica 2008
  • 2010 - 2011 / Excellence – Sorriso di Cielo 2008
  • 2009 - 2010 / Excellence – Vignamorello 2007
  • 2008 - 2009 / Excellence – Vignamorello 2006
  • 2008 - 2009 / Luna Selvatica 2005
  • 2007 - 2008 / Vignamorello 2005
  • 2007 - 2008 / Luna Selvatica 2004

[+] Top Hundred Percent Best Wines of Italy by Paolo Massobrio

  • 2003 / Vignamorello 2001

[+] Go Wine alle Cantine d’Italia Impronta Guide

  • Recognition assigned to us every year since 2008, together with another more than two hundred Italian wine cellars, for our site, hospitality and productive profile.
  • Top wine of the company: Sorriso di Cielo

The distribution

Our wines are present in several Italian regions. We are at your disposition to provide information about our distribution network in Italy. As far as concerns our foreign distribution network, La Tosa is present in the following countries:


  • CERESIO VINI of Paolo Basso
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  • LA CANTINETTA of Sergio Bolzan
    Neumarkterstrasse 77, 81673 Munchen, Germany
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  • CASA DEL VINO of Michael Hinze
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United States


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  • GODOT WINES di Piero Tantini
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